4.2. MetaPublisher

std::shared_ptr<is::TopicPublisher> eprosima::is::sh::ros2::make_meta_publisher(const eprosima::xtypes::DynamicType &message_type, rclcpp::Node &node, const std::string &topic_name, const rmw_qos_profile_t &qos_profile, const YAML::Node &configuration)

Produces a is::TopicPublisher that allows to use runtime substitution parameters in the YAML configuration file.




A pointer to the created Integration Service TopicPublisher entity.

  • [in] message_type: A reference to the dynamic type representation of the topic type.

  • [in] node: The ROS 1 node that will hold this publisher.

  • [in] topic_name: The topic name to publish to.

  • [in] qos_profile: The QoS used to create the publisher.

  • [in] configuration: The configuration specific for this SystemHandle, as described in the user-provided YAML input file.